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Hallandale Beach

Mayor Joy Cooper


By Mayor Joy Cooper

Hallandale Beach - Hallandale Beach continues to work through its many problems -

ow fitting is it that I begin this Thanksgiving column by thanking the numerous friends, residents and colleagues who have shared their caring and support.

It has been a tough year - with a number of emails and slanderous, slanted news, pointed in our direction, I am sorry some residents were left with the thought I had a stroke. This is what happened.

Last week, after coming home from Mexico - I was ill from the trip. I felt ill on Saturday - while there and simply was not getting better. In my typical form, I fought through it. I attended and ran Monday’s meeting. At that meeting, I announced I was not feeling well and I had been in Mexico. On Tuesday, when I still was not getting better at all, I went to my doctor.

By Wednesday, I had not slowed down and was living on Gatorade, crackers and bananas. Not a great combination, but something that worked toward getting my strength back.

Since in office through the many years, I have only missed one meeting, physically, when my daughter was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery after delivering her twins. Many people do not know this, but if you can believe it, some of my colleagues ridiculed me for the missing that meeting. People that know me, and have followed me through the years, understand I give 100% to our City at all times.

During Wednesday’s meeting, I did not even know I was having difficulty speaking - until I was attacked by another colleague, which is something that is not what you do when you are working as a team.

When I realized, and the staff realized, I was ill, they came to help me immediately. I must single out Commissioner Annabelle Taub, who was kind and compassionate, and finally stood up to assist. I had some water and some nourishment. We both came back and finished the meeting. While I was still sick, the meeting was completed.

I am feeling much better as the holiday approaches, and have been joking that it is not a great way to lose 8 pounds. It was wonderful to receive all the visits, calls and all the support from so many who we have known for decades.

I am from the school that when someone is not feeling well - and doing what they can to make it a positive situation - the last thing you need is negatives. We see it all over our country, but when it happens so close to home, it makes you think.

There is no mistaking that this has gone on in our City for a long time, and many residents and business owners have expressed their concerns. I have tried my best, as the leader and face of Hallandale Beach, to stay out of the negativity, which is sending our residents such a crazy message about leadership in our community. People throughout Hallandale Beach ask me how I can keep such a positive outlook with the negativity. That is the easiest answer to come up with: I work for you and will continue to do my job.

We have many things going on in our City, and while there are a number of positives, things are not where the residents expect them to be.

Many are not aware that we still have two complaints from employees that have been fired and another was just filed against the City Manager - just last week.

If our residents would just take the time to reflect on what has transpired here over the past two years, and examine the facts, you would see that, while we are working so hard to move forward, there are things that continue to hold us back - and put us in a not-so-favorable light.

When you are trying to progress as a community, with so many great things going on - from developments - to enhanced parks and first class amenities - the last thing we need are negatives.

Whether you have lived here for decades - or just a few years - isn’t the objective to make things as great as they can be? Being in the news for “corruption” and “negative politics” is doing nothing great for our perception. Major businesses love it here - and we are in the epicenter of entertainment, great restaurants and being that destination that everyone talked about.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we need to remove the personal attacks and the friction that continues to hinder the growth of this community. We are all working for the residents - and they count on all of us - as commissioners - to help make positive decisions that will benefit us all.

Residents are always urged to be proactive in your City:

I wrote last week about the commissioner requesting $350,000 from the state to do a study to construct a parking garage at our South City Beach. Many concerned residents called about the number in the article which was not correct. Please call 954-457-1300 and tell the office the message is for all the commissioners. Tell them we want to preserve South City Beach and do not want a parking garage there.

I also want to make sure that all residents on Diana Drive are aware your parking is in jeopardy. I was going to walk door to door last week, but obviously I was ill. Please call me at: (954) 632-5700. Or e-mail me at:, so I can give you the full details.

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

If you are in need or simply do not have a place to celebrate, I encourage you to attend our Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon at 10 AM at our Austin Hepburn Center located at the corner of Pembroke Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (NW 8th Ave).

As always, please feel free to contact me anytime with your questions/concerns and ideas at my office: (954) 457-1318. On my cell/text at: (954) 632-5700. Or e-mail me at: I also welcome the opportunity to come to your next meeting to review your budget and other City issues, anytime. Call the above number to schedule an appointment.