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A AHollywood named one of the country's 10 'Best Summer Weekend Escapes'

Hollywood named one of the country's 10 'Best Summer Weekend Escapes'

Hollywood named one of the country's 10 'Best Summer Weekend Escapes'Hollywood named one of the country's 10 'Best Summer Weekend Escapes'Hollywood named one of the country's 10 'Best Summer Weekend Escapes'

Hollywood named one of the country's 10 'Best Summer Weekend Escapes'


Riding a bike or walking will make this a healthier fall


Fall is here and now is the perfect time to consider leaving your car behind to walk or bike. October is International Walk to School Month. Biking and walking are good for your health, good for the environment, and reduce traffic congestion—meaning it’s good for you even if you are not the one doing it!

Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Tips for Drivers
• Give cyclists at least 3 feet of space when passing
• Always check bike lanes and crosswalks at stops before proceeding
• Know the road rules for cyclists to help you predict their actions
• Always check for cyclists before opening your car door or pulling out
• Obey speed limits and never drive distracted

Tips for walkers and cyclists
• Bike helmets are required for riders under 16 and are a good idea for cyclists of all ages
• Observe traffic laws to assist drivers in seeing you and predicting your movements
• At night, use a light on your bike and wear light colored or reflective clothing
• Take out the ear buds and put down the phone! Stay aware of your surroundings
• Do your best to help drivers see you especially when crossing traffic

Join the City of Hollywood on Wednesday, October 5th – National Walk to School Day and “Walk with a Cop.”

The City of Hollywood and the Hollywood Police Department are encouraging students and families to participate! Walk to school with the Hollywood Police Chief, Command Staff, School Resource Officers & Neighborhood Team Leaders. ??Students and parents can meet at the locations below to arrive at the following schools:
Hollywood Central Elementary (Meet at Jefferson Park, S 15th Avenue & Jefferson Street. Meet time: 7:15 am. Leave time: 7:40 am).

Boulevard Heights Elementary (Meet at Epworth Methodist Preschool, 76th Terrace & Johnson Street. Meet time: 7:00 am. Leave time: 7:15 am).

Hollywood Hills Elementary (Meet at 1850 N Park Road. Meeting time: 7:15 am. Leave time: 7:30 am).

If your school is not listed, we encourage you to organize your own “Walk to School” event in Hollywood. Choose a meeting point for your neighborhood & walk to school together. Learn more about National Walk to School Day at

For more information, please contact Lindsey Nieratka,, 954.921.6672 or Lt. Selina Hightower,, 954.967.4371.

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City of Hollywood Police Memorial Dedication
The Hollywood Police Department will dedicate a new police memorial to the six courageous officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty since the City’s founding in 1926.  The ceremony will be held on Friday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Hollywood Police Department at 3250 Hollywood Boulevard.
The Hollywood Police Memorial features six Officer Podiums to individually honor each fallen officer.  Installed in each officer’s podium is a photo along with a plaque with silver-colored raised lettering, a silver-colored badge and a silver-colored patch. There is also a Main Podium adorned with an aluminum plaque that matches each officer’s plaque.
The six officers whose 
service and sacrifice are 
honored by the memorial include:
Officer Owen Coleman (09-1925 to 01-25-1926) was one of the first men hired when the newly formed City was establishing the police department.  Officer Coleman was killed in a shootout in Davie in January of 1926.  Most news accounts of his death were destroyed in the hurricane of 1926. In the early 1990s, an historian of South Florida Police Officers killed in the line of duty discovered records of his death.  Officer Henry T. Minard (9-6-1971 to 11-18-1972) was killed in the line of duty on November 18, 1972.  Officer Minard was answering a silent holdup alarm at a jewelry store and interrupted a robbery in progress.  He was fatally shot by the robber. 
Officer Byron W. Riley (10-11-1971 to 8-30-1973) and Phillip C. Yourman (10-11-1971 to 8-30-1973) began a pursuit of a strong-arm robbery suspect vehicle.  As they sped through a quiet residential neighborhood, the police vehicle struck a tree and they both were fatally injured. 
Officer Frankie Shivers (12-20-1981 to 9-6-1982) lost her life while responding as a back-up to a car accident. This bizarre incident began with a traffic stop by another officer, John Lunney.  While writing the citation, another car slammed into Lunney's police cruiser, hurling him onto the roof of the vehicle he had stopped. The vehicle causing the crash burst into and Officer Shivers attempted to rescue the woman in the burning vehicle. The female driver grabbed Officer Shivers, revolver and shot her several times. 
Officer Alex Del Rio (4-12-99 to 2-22-08) is the City of Hollywood’s most recent fallen officer.  Officer Del Rio was conducting traffic enforcement on Sheridan Street on the evening of February 22, 2008.  In an attempt to stop a speeding motorist, he was involved in a motor vehicle crash and lost his life.
For more information, please call the Hollywood Police Department, 954.967.4371.