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Sun Times Feature Story

The South Florida Sun Times

Taking Stock of Family, Children, Community Being A Single Parent

By Dorothy & Scott Roberts
The time is now, the problems have escalated, the children are out of control, parents are at their wits end and the community is simply fed up.
Taking Stock in Children is a comprehensive program that will help low-income children succeed by providing college and vocational scholarships, volunteer mentors; student advocates/case managers, tutoring, early intervention and long-term support, high standards, parental involvement, and community support.
Volunteers may tutor, mentor, assist in the classroom, help with fundraising and participate in developing school plans, as well as many other opportunities. Recognition awards promote community involvement as well as highlight outstanding volunteer practices and showcase exemplary projects which are then shared statewide.
While education is clearly an asset to every child, they must also be taught the benefits of common sense which benefits of families and serves the common good of our community Education is a core value of our democratic society, and it is in everyone’s best-interest to insure that all children receive quality education. Our democracy, as well as our economy, depends on educated citizens and skilled workers with common sense.
Many policymakers, community leaders, and even parents still view schools and student learning as the sole responsibility of educators. While educators take their professional responsibilities seriously, they also recognize that they cannot do it alone. They need and depend on the support from parents and community members.
One dynamic too often observed is that parent involvement in education tends to decline as their children go up in grade, with a dramatic drop once students reach middle school.
The lack of parental involvement is viewed by teachers, administrators, the public, and even parents of school-age children, as the single biggest problem facing our schools drop-outs.
To promote the growth and success of our community at every level we must work with parents, youth and children at every grade and age, and our elected officials for the good of our nation.
Business partnerships are needed in every community to reach our goal.
Parents see lots of road-blocks to getting involved in their child’s well-being which sometimes hinders involvement.
Sometimes their own demanding schedules, prevent for extra time to volunteer or attend school activities, thus make it almost impossible to get involved in bigger ways.
Others reveal how uncomfortable they feel when they try to communicate with school officials, whether that’s due to language or cultural differences or their own past experiences with school, or they lack the know-how and resources to help their child so they express frustration with school bureaucracies or policies they find impossible to understand or change.
Some parents complain that they rarely hear from the school unless there is a problem with their child’s behavior or performance. Do we expect teachers to raise our children; when they are not even allowed to call on God for help?
Others say the information provided by the school is not comprehensible either because of educational jargon or because the parent or family member does not read or understand English.
Some families criticize school personnel for not understanding the plight of single parents, grandparents, foster parents, or other caregivers. Others say they lack transportation.
Most blame the judicial system because they cannot scold or discipline their children the way that they were discipline in a loving family home where discipline must be maintained. To avoid going to jail they step back followed the laws of the land and watch their children run wild and then being thrown into jail. (Give us back our parental rights) The system provide for them to become delinquent, worthless and then blame us.

Parenting. Assist families with parenting skills, family support, understanding child and adolescent development, and setting home conditions to support learning at each age and grade level. Assist schools in understanding families’ backgrounds, cultures, and goals for children.
Communicating. Communicate with families about School programs and student progress. (Create two-way) Communication channels between school and home that are effective and reliable.
Volunteering. Improve recruitment and training to involve families as volunteers and as audiences at the center.
Enable educators to work with volunteers who support students and the center.
Provide meaningful work and flexible scheduling.
Learning at Home. Involve families with their children in academic learning at home, including homework, goal setting, and other curriculum-related activities.
Decision Making. Include families as participants in school decisions, governance, and advocacy activities through school councils or improvement teams, committees, and other organizations.
Collaborating with the Community. Coordinate resources and services for families, students, and other community groups, including businesses, agencies, cultural and civic organizations, colleges or universities.
How can we engage more stakeholders?
Some specific ways that we can engage more parents, families, and communities in education:
Develop and pass family-friendly policies and laws [i.e., leaves of absence for parents/caregivers to participate in school or education-related activities; flexible scheduling to encourage participation by diverse families.
Provide professional development on family and community.
Offer training for parents and community stakeholders on effective communications and partnering skills.
Ensure timely access to information, using effective communications tools that address various family structures and are translated into languages that parents/families understand.
Develop an outreach strategy to inform families, businesses, and the community about family involvement opportunities, policies, and programs.
Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of family involvement in programs and activities.
Implement programs for family, and community partnerships.
Faith-based community organizing group.
Evaluate and report parental involvement, support in their children’s academic achievement.

Call to Action
Hollywood Family Youth & Community Enrichment center believes that significantly more emphasis must be placed on the important roles that parents, families, and communities can and must play in raising student Performance and closing achievement gaps.
Encourage parents, families, and communities to become actively engaged in their public schools and become an integral part of school improvement efforts.
Work diligently with Homeless and youth in DJJ, correction/DJJ re-entry, family preservation, homelessness, and leadership strategy.
Assist others with: Grief counseling and referrals for services.
The Health Care Services Section of the Community Partnership Division provides the following programs and services:
Mental Health - Provides administration, monitoring and evaluation of contracted service providers for adult mental health services including crisis stabilization, mobile crisis, outpatient psychiatric services, mentoring and consumer support services. The Section will also provide local match assistance to community mental health agencies receiving Florida Department of Children and Families funding for adult mental health services in order to assist those agencies in meeting their local match obligation.
Primary Health Care - Provides Doctors screening and evaluation. Blood pressure check. Eye Examination, Podiatrists, Physcologist & Psychiatric evaluation and counselling.
“Our children are our most precious resource.”
We promise to help protect and give hope to the children in our care. Whether it’s a trusted mentor for a child who needs support, or guidance for a child affected by bullying, underage drinking, or drug abuse, you are not alone. For parents, community leaders and concerned adults, the program is implemented with you in mind to offer youth prevention programs that are faith based and based on state-of-the-art research and trainings that are reality-based and relevant to our young peoples’ needs and environment.
We endeavor to form new partnerships with those interested in investing in our children’s future. We will do this with an eye toward the future…one filled with the promise of successful young people ready and excited to take their place in tomorrow’s workforce.
Fundamentally we seek to build awareness, alliances, knowledge, and capacity—all to support the objective to mitigate risks for young people in Hollywood and promote their well-being.
We will fulfill our mission by serving as a public policy advocate and by identifying, demonstrating, and promoting effective prevention and intervention practices. We will serve as a source of counseling, training, data, and best practices for direct service providers seeking to offer programs that will have measurable, positive impact on youth.
Because meeting the challenge cannot be met by any one person or organization working alone, The Partnership considers its most critical and unique leadership role to be as a collaborator, connector, and convener on a statewide basis. In particular, we will foster a vibrant public-private partnership that engages businesses, state government, and communities to advance knowledge, leverage resources, and maximize our collective impact on Hollywood’s youth.
Remember, our workforce of tomorrow needs you today so please get involved.
With our focus on Hollywood’s youth, we understand that there are obstacles young people will have to overcome. Our goal is to provide communities, parents and educators with the best resources to reduce the impact of substance abuse, empower young people to live successful lives, and encourage communities to reflect positive lifestyles from underage drinking to illicit drug use, studies are showing that kids are abusing substances at concerning rates.
We know that:
• Survey says youth drink at rates 26-28% higher
* than their peers nationally.
• Almost 1 in 5 high school students in the state
* report using marijuana at least once in their life.
• Painkillers and prescription drugs have been
• misused by 10% of Hollywood teens.
• Law enforcement and concerned adults struggle
• to address the availability of new synthetic
• drugs in their communities.
So, what can you do to prevent substance abuse among youth in our community? Where can schools and law enforcement turn for prevention strategies and the latest research? Finally, how can you prevent a child from getting involved in drugs or alcohol? You will find emerging research and trends in our Resources, best practices in the field, specialized training topics, and parent tips, all designed to support a comprehensive, evidence-based prevention approach to promote healthy and successful youth development, while reducing underage drinking and substance abuse overall. In addition, we can connect concerned adults to resources if you suspect a child has a problem.
Marijuana — legal or otherwise — is a hot topic. It’s more important than ever for parents to protect their kids’ health and development by addressing this issue early and often. Your teens are likely asking you some tough questions and challenging you on the topic of marijuana. We will help to get advice from top experts in health and parenting to help you talk with your teen.

This is our goal for 2019 to work with family and communities to cultivate positive youths in and around their community.
Partnership with the Broward County Health Department - Provides funding pursuant to Florida State Statute (Chapter 154) to support the County Health Department and its programs in our community.
Special Health Care Services - Provides funding, through contract administration and monitoring, to not for profit agencies serving adults with special health care needs.

Harvest Reapers Ministry/
Hollywood FYCEC
Dorothy & Scott Roberts
3911 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, Fl. 33021

Inauguration of the Hollywood Family, Youth and Community Enrichment Center, April 6
Hollywood - It is with great pleasure that I extend to you an invitation to attend The Inauguration of the Hollywood Family, Youth and Community Enrichment Center, organized by Harvest Reapers Outreach Support Ministry. This event will be held at 3911 Hollywood Boulevard on April 6 at 11:30 am-2 p.m. Hollywood, Fl. 33021. RSVP 954-831-9825 or 786-718-2179 by March 28th.
H.R.O.S.M. believes that significantly more emphasis must be placed on the important roles that parents, families, and communities can and must play in raising children.
Encourage parents, families, and communities to become actively engaged in their public schools and become an integral part of school improvement efforts.
We will work diligently with Homeless youth in DJJ, correction/DJJ re-entry, family preservation, homelessness, and leadership strategy.
Assist with: Grief counseling and referrals for services, free eye exam and glasses, Podiatrists, free groceries, free clothes and on occasion furniture.
As you may know, families and youth in our community need to be prioritized. If we don’t need our children to be set aside from our community, family must play a vital role in the awareness of these programs. We must be strong, expanding, well established, and innovative. If you’d like to focus on helping our youth to be more upstanding citizens in their/our community we must work with them and not against them. Our goal is to step up to the challenges facing our family and youth to help them to be better citizen in and around their/our community.

Programs & Strategies
Performance-Based Exit Option, Educational Alternatives Programs, Disciplinary Programs, Driving Privileges, Educational Services in Department of Juvenile Justice Programs, Teenage Parent Programs (Female/Male), Truancy Programs, Model Programs, Mentoring Programs and Leadership Programs.

– Dorothy Roberts

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