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Sun Times Feature Story

DisasterStruck Public Adjusters Inc. - Attention Home Owners Associations, Businesses and Condominium
Associations: Let Us Help You After The Storm­ - Call: (954) 455-1380


With the recent brush of South Florida by devastating Hurricane Irma, fighting the good fight isn't always the easiest of tasks. Going to battle against the wrong doings of the world can be a strenuous battle, but at the end of the day somebody has to do it. In talking to Ilya Levitis, owner of Disasterstruck Public Adjusters, you will find a man who is on that same very mission.

From coping with the still lingering effects of Hurricane Irma as well are various other housing losses from leaks, fires, roof damage, and even vandalism, the everyday public still has a security blanket in the form of Disasterstruck Public Adjusters.

"What we do is pretty simple," Levitis said. "We basically fight for the rights of the homeowners, condo association owners, and condo associations. We try to get our clients the maximum reward possible so that they can get their property back in order."

Hurricane Irma devastated South Florida and Central Florida, the aftermath is still very visible and all one has to do is drive through various communities to get a full understanding of just how the damage affected parts of our own communities.

With the changes being made with the insurance companies only paying out what their adjusters advised, that leaves many homeowners and condo associations without sufficient funds in order to perform all of the repairs.

"That's where we come in," Levitis explains. "The truth of the matter is that a lot of individuals get a fraction of what they need to fully fix their house. After the hurricane or storm hits a lot of insurance companies use out of state adjusters which results in less money for the policy holders."

When it comes to using a public adjuster, Levitis is serious about correcting the mistakes that the insurance companies have left behind. It happens every year, and without DisasterStruck Public Adjusters Inc., homeowners would be lost.

"Teaming up with Disasterstruck Public Adjusters is a simple process," Levitis pointed out. "When someone signs with us, we take on the full responsibility of readjusting their claim. We use as much evidence that is possible to us, from old pictures to receipts, and anything else that helps prove their point. We then take a look at the numbers they were compensated with before and decide to go after the fair amount.”

“At times, we can also work with attorneys, engineers, and architects if they are beneficial towards helping us with the claim, he added.”

Levitis is also quick to point out that just because certain things change over time, that doesn't mean old rules still don't apply when it comes to evaluating a claim. Despite the new condo boards, not always being aware of the situation, Levitis is up to date on all rules "A lot of new boards aren't aware that we can work with them under any and all situations. The old boards very often are not cooperating with the new boards and just don't want to reveal any information about the claims.”

“I had an instance where the old board did not want to provide insurance info to the new board, even though, they are supposed to do that. It's very important that we get that message across to all new boards, he continued.”

While admitting that he is willing to come to the aid of homeowners in a variety of loss claims cases, Levitis concedes that the majority of the damages he deals with, are from the after effects of Hurricanes or storms.

"Our company can help with any kind of damage," Levitis adds. "At the moment, however, we find ourselves dealing with the damage inflicted from the recent storm, we are here to help you.”

While dealing with several homeowners in the past, Levitis made a point to mention his efforts towards working with Condo Associations in the present and near future.

"We are able to work with both homeowners and Condo Associations," Levitis states clearly. "To me, a Condo Association manages and represents the entire building. I basically work with the Condo Association towards helping them recover the proper fees towards repairing their buildings.”

Levi’s also noticed that a lot of Condo Associations are strapped for budgets and can't get financing from banks. They have to use other means that is where Condo Associations And Home Owners comes in and work for you.

When talking further about Condo Associations in the south Florida area, Levitis insists that there are an abundance of cases that go unnoticed.

"I've been working with a lot of Condo Associations in Aventura and in Hollywood," Levitis notes. "A lot of them had their roofs torn off back in 2005 during Hurricane Wilma and they weren't compensated for it. A lot of the balconies were ripped off and you can find situations like that all throughout Aventura. The insurance company tried to say that it was old damage and that it didn't meet the deductible."

"When we're there with you from the beginning, we can work beside you throughout the entire process,” Levitis said. “When the insurance company sends out their own adjuster, we'll be there too, as your own personal advocate to oversee the process."

Licensed by the State and providing well qualified adjusters to work with the property owner, DisasterStruck Public Adjusters Inc. are the exact type of security blanket that is needed when it comes to repairing your home and going after the losses you feel are necessary. At the end of the day, it isn't the amount of money that is gathered that is ultimately important, but instead, it is the purpose for which that money can be used, as it details the full repair of one's Home or Condo Association.